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Local festivals and events

Whether it’s arts, music, outdoor activities or thrill-seeking adventures you’re looking for, the local festivals and events will provide unforgettable experiences during the duration of your trip. Here’s just a sample of what’s happening locally over the next few months.


Exploring the textured past of the region’s three great oases of AlUla, Khaybar and Tayma, and the ancient burial sites and desert villages built from mud and stone up close. Immersing guests in cultures of yesteryear and teaching about the power shifts that shaped the region.

During the AlUla Arts Festival, Daimumah will present participatory small-scale exhibits and long-term public art programs. Additionally, it will feature annual awards recognising artists in residence for their on-site art installations. Visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of craftsmanship.

Everyone in AlUlato is invited to discover and try a variety of crafts practices, including palm weaving, pottery, jewellery, geometry, 3D structures, textiles, and more.

Madrasat Addeera is AlUla’s first Arts and Design Centre. It’s dedicated to developing artisanal skills and craft programs among the local population to support the growth of a sustainable, vibrant, and authentically creative artisan and design industry. At a cornerstone of AlJadidah, AlUla’s vibrant arts district, the centre aims to

Explore the vibrant public art scene in AlJadidah, AlUla’s artistic district and cultural hub, through a guided walking tour. The tour, led by Hukat AlFann, will showcase contemporary art by leading artists from around the world, specially commissioned works for the AlUla Arts Festival, and pieces created by local students

The launch of the Design Space AlULa is an opportunity to showcase AlUla’s design aspirations through interactive exhibitions and cultural events. During the Arts Festival, Design Space AlUla showcases a diverse range of workshops, courses, and events specifically tailored for design professionals and emerging talents in the creative industry. Additionally,

Led by a curator, this weekly tour takes visitors through Desert X 2022 and provides insights into the future contemporary art sites of Desert X 2024 and Wadi AlFann. The tour is designed to showcase the convergence of nature and creativity in AlUla through a private Art Safari, which encompasses

Launched in 2021, AlUla Artist Residency is a continuous programme of artist residencies and a cornerstone of AlUla’s cultural offering. The programme invites international artists and designers to visit AlUla and engage with the natural wonders, rich history and diverse society. It encourages participants to explore the boundless possibilities of

Self-taught artist, Hassan Hajjaj has worked in an array of media, from photography, installation and performance to fashion, interior design and furniture-making. In the 1980s, photography became his preferred medium as he photographed friends, musicians and artists from the streets of Marrakesh, often dressing them in clothes he designed himself.

Their Love is Like All Loves, Their Death is Like All Deaths is a solo exhibition by Wadi AlFann artist Manal AlDowayan. Previously presented at Sabrina Amrani Gallery in Madrid, the artist explores themes of reconciliation, self-healing, and understanding of the socio-historical processes taking place in Saudi Arabia.

Showcasing the work of leading artists from key Saudi Arabian private collections. The exhibition will feature paintings, sculpture, photography, installation, and video works from the past 25 years, highlighting the diversity and creativity of contemporary artists.

The third edition with an extraordinary open-air exhibition, introducing up to 15 artists from around the world with contemporary site-specific installations amidst the remarkable desert landscapes of AlUla. Works will be displayed in different locations, starting from the main hub within Wadi AlFann to the unique sites around AlUla.

The third edition of the AlUla Arts Festival will launch on 8 February 2024.The two-week festival will showcase a programme of art, culture, history, and landscapes, as well as exclusive performances and immersive experiences spread across AlUla’s ancient sites and modern-day arts precincts and venues. Guests attending the opening of



The first of its kind in the Kingdom, this unique running challenge will take place over the hottest time of the year. Runners from all over the world will participate in this sweltering desert race, across distances ranging from five kilometres to a full marathon.

Until 10 March 2024

Immerse yourself in nature with this 4km hike through the Hidden Valley within the Sharaan Nature Reserve.

Until 10 March 2024

Take your adventure to the next level with rock climbing on the spectacular rocks of AlUla.

Until 10 March 2024

Take a leap on the Giant Swing in AlUla swinging over 85 metres above the ground into a 70-metre arc in a stunning canyon.

Until 10 March 2024

The first of its kind in the region, the AlUla Stairway takes you up a 45-metre ladder with a zipline back down.


‘The Pinnacle of Camel Racing’, the AlUla Camel Cup brings together some of the world’s finest racing camels to compete in one of the region’s oldest sports. Each day features a different kind of race, testing the speed, strength and endurance of these remarkable ‘ships of the desert’.


The first Infinity race to ever take place outside of North America, this epic eight-hour competition challenges athletes to accomplish the largest number of laps around an obstacle course. The winner of this incredible event will be awarded one of the largest financial prizes in obstacle-course racing history.


Returning in its fifth edition, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Endurance Cup will welcome riders to compete on the desert track with the finest horses from around the world. Equestrian enthusiasts and spectators will have an opportunity to experience AlUla’s ancient Arabian horse heritage culture.


In partnership with a top fashion house, this landmark event will feature a couture collection inspired by AlUla. The mirrored Mayara building and surrounding scenery will also provide stunning backdrops for the fashion show, cocktail reception and showroom.


Returning for a third edition, the Richard Mille AlUla Desert Polo promises four days of high-energy tournament action. The prestigious equestrian event will attract top players from the region and beyond to compete among AlUla’s spectacular scenery.


This epic event takes runners through stunning desert landscapes and past some of AlUla’s most iconic landmarks. From an ultramarathon to a run for kids, there are also routes for participants of all ages and levels.

Running from November to February

A dynamic centre of all things music, the AlUla Music Hub is located in the bustling arts and culture district of AlJadidah. Children and adults are invited to take lessons for instruments such as the oud, guitar, qanoon and piano. All group courses at the AlUla Music Hub are designed

10 to 20 April, 2024

From enjoying AlUla’s stunning landscape from the air to gazing up at galaxies of stars, the annual AlUla Skies Festival is a celebration of all things sky.