Where the past illuminates present

In the historic AlUla, Dar Tantora The House Hotel, offers an eco-community experience, blending seamlessly with the region’s rich culture.

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We connect guests with AlUla’s vibrant history and culture through authentic, bespoke experiences and a welcoming atmosphere.

Discover Dar Tantora The House Hotel, nestled in the timeless oasis of AlUla, Saudi Arabia.

Here, ancient civilizations’ stories entwine with a vision for a sustainable future, offering a unique journey back in time, where time is not measured in hours, but in moments and memories.

AlUla, a hidden gem in northwest Saudi Arabia, is a breathtaking destination that offers a unique blend of natural beauty and historical significance.

Known as a living museum, it showcases preserved tombs, historic dwellings, and monuments spanning over 200,000 years of human history.

The Door

Journey through ‘The Door’, our original mudbrick village with 30 unique ‘Dar’s.

Here, each house tells a story, blending traditional architecture with modern touches, offering a genuine feel of AlUla’s heritage.

With limited electricity, our rooms are naturally ventilated (no air conditioning) and illuminated by candlelight, creating a serene and eco-friendly ambiance.


Cigar Oasis

Specialty Teas, Coffees, Local Sweets & Snacks

Luxury Cigar Experience

Spa & Wellness

Spa with Traditional Arabic Beauty Experiences 

Gym & Fitness Activities

Savor the Authentic Flavors of Saudi Arabia

JOONTOS - Restaurant

Developed by Kerten Hospitality and Michelin Star Chef Jaume Puigdengolas, Joontos presents a delightful selection of Saudi-inspired dishes, each crafted with seasonal ingredients sourced from the oasis.

MIRBAD - In Room Dining

Experience the convenience of dining in the comfort of your own room

MAQHA - Café

Enjoy the oasis views from our rooftop café

Activities During Your Stay

Dar Tantora The House Hotel offers captivating guest experiences.

Explore ancient landscapes, enjoy serene desert dawn views from the sky, and immerse in local culture and traditions.

Discover regional cuisine secrets and engage in sustainable practices.

Every activity unveils AlUla’s treasures for unforgettable memories.

Some Bespoke Experiences

Dinner Under the Stars

A desert dining experience combined with stargazing.

Adrenaline Boost

Discover the magnificent canyons from high above and test your adventurous side.

Heritage Oasis Walk

Embark on a guided tour along the Heritage Oasis Trail led by a local Rawi to explore the beauty and natural wonders of the Oasis.

Experiential Tour

Our Rawi will explain the history of the Old Town, the architectural wonder of the Dars, and daily rituals and their place in modern life.


Dar Tantora The House Hotel offers rituals and experiences designed to create an ambiance, atmosphere, and character that align with the authenticity and essence of AlUla.



Each morning from 7 am to 11 am, the breadmaking ritual will take place in the corridor adjacent to Joontos Restaurant.


All guests are offered a Saudi coffee on arrival as part of the welcome ceremony, and the coffee ritual is performed at regular intervals throughout the day, starting from 8 am.


Each evening before sunset, between Asr & Maghrib Prayer time, the team starts the Lighting the Lanterns ritual from Tantora Square, accompanied by the Bokhoor & Oud ritual.


Ancient Games

Engage in traditional games steeped in history


Gather for captivating storytelling sessions

Arabic Beauty Secrets

Discover and practice age-old beauty rituals

Lions Tombs at Dadan, 1968, Peter J. Parr. © Royal Commission for AlUla


Al Samri

Experience the traditional Al Samri performances, a highlight of regional culture.


New Season Celebrations

Celebrating the arrival of each new season in AlUla, embracing the unique beauty and traditions of every season change.




375 Old Town, 43562, AlUla, Saudi Arabia