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Welcome to
Dar Tantora
The House Hotel

Welcome to
Dar Tantora
The House Hotel

AlUla's heartbeat of heritage and harmony


Discover Dar Tantora The House Hotel – nestled in the timeless oasis of AlUla, Saudi Arabia.


Here, stories of ancient civilizations entwine with a vision for a sustainable future, offering a unique journey back in time – where time is not measured in hours, but in moments and memories.


Experience the charm of our 30 heritage ‘Dars’, each telling the story of AlUla’s vibrant past. Our mission is to blend comfort with our deep commitment to sustainability, offering an unparalleled and tailor-made experience – including 24/7 butler service.

Explore and celebrate rich traditions, fresh artist collaborations and the compelling culture of AlUla at Dar Tantora The House Hotel.


Where the past illuminates the present And boldly beckons the future

Journey through ‘The Door’, our original mudbrick village with 30 unique Dars. Each home tells a story – blending traditional architecture with modern design, offering a genuine feel of AlUla’s heritage. And there’s so much to discover here. Indulge in culinary artistry, savour sumptuous wellness experiences, explore the vibrant market and delight in exclusive events.

Experience sensory serenity

A timeless space For a deeply immersive experience

Your truly tailored journey with Dar Tantora The House Hotel begins from the moment you book. From a smooth vintage car ride or catching the first glimpse of AlUla in a golf cart, to choosing a personalised scent for your Dar, to an in-room vinyl selection based on your music tastes. Everything is designed around you. What will your immersive experience look like?